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"Seeking, Reaching, and Teaching All to Live for Christ"

"At GYZ, there are no strangers, only friends who have not met"

Our Emphasis:
"Excellence in Ministry"

Our Focus:  
is on prayer, teaching the Word, preaching the Word, and making disciples for Jesus Christ


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to City of Augusta, Georgia and Greater Young Zion Baptist Church. We pray that as you navigate through our website that you will find the peace  of God and by His direction desire, to visit us on a coming Sunday.

We are all apart of the family of God and He has brought us together to share our common joys, sorrows, love, worship and faith. Each one of use are important and we bring individuality to the family of GYZ.

We are a teaching ministry and concerned about your spiritual walk and growth in Christ. Our purpose is for every person to be:
  1. Committed to growing in and coming to maturity in Christ
  2. Serving Him with your whole heart, and
  3. Giving to provide the resources needed spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Together at the core, we share a common life in Jesus Christ and we have a common function to carry out the ministry of Christ.

As you travel this spiritual journey know that you are not alone, we are here to assist you. We are committed to teaching you who God is, how you can develop an intimate relationship with Him, communicate with Him daily, know His Word, study His Word, make the Word applicable to your life in practical situations and mature in your spiritual walk. Our motto here at Greater Young Zion is, “There are no strangers here, just friends who haven’t met”.

May God bless you richly.
Pastor William B. Blount, Sr.


All services are Live Stream
on GYZ Augusta App & GYZ Augusta FaceBook

1st Sunday @ 9 am:
Parking Lot Worship Service & Communion
with Live Radio Broadcast*

2nd Sunday @ 9 am:
Worship Service Live Stream

3rd Sunday-Youth Sunday @ 9 am:
Parking Lot Worship Service
with Live Radio Broadcast*

4th Sunday @ 9 am:  
Worship Service Live Stream

5th Sunday @ 9 am:  
Worship Service Live Stream

Tuesday @ 10:30 am:
Daily Devotional Thought Live Stream
followed by
Prayer & Question and Answers Period

Wednesday @ 12 noon:
Mid Day Bible Study Live Stream

*Live Radio Broadcast available only to those who are onsite by tuning their vehicle's radio to 104.7 FM to listen to the service live.
Communion is served to persons in their vehicles.  
Everyone is expected to remain inside or near their vehicles and practice all social distancing guidelines as outlined by the CDC.


Sunday @ 8:30 am
Fox 54

Sunday @ 1:00 pm
WAAW 94.7 FM  

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